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growing followers of jesus

Welcome to BHPC, a reformed and evangelical church located in the heart of Bald Hills. Our church community is made up of individuals and families who are committed to following Jesus Christ and sharing His message of hope and love with those around us. We believe that every person is created in God's image and has inherent value and worth, and we seek to demonstrate this truth through our words and actions. All the members of our church are encouraged to serve in various ways, using our gifts to help us all grow together as followers of Jesus, and as such we are one big team, serving together in the mission and vision of our church.

our minister
Brad Fletcher

Pastor - BHPC

Brad Fletcher has been pastor of Bald Hills Presbyterian since January 2019. Born and bred in Brisbane, Brad worked as a Registered Nurse for 10 years before studying at Moore College and Queensland Theological College to train for full time ministry and be ordained as a Presbyterian Minister. Brad has served as an Assistant Pastor at Churches in Brisbane and Northern NSW before coming to Bald Hills. Married to Joanna, who is his invaluable partner in ministry, and with two school aged children, Janiel and Charmaine, Brad enjoys cycling, reading, fishing or playing soccer with the kids, and watching period dramas with Jo, or the latest superhero movie. Brad and Jo would love to welcome you to Bald Hills.


Our church has a group of leaders called Elders (one of whom is our Pastor Brad) who have a particular responsibility, serving the church by providing spiritual oversight, pastoral care, and general governing of all Church activities. Our elders currently are Paul Cotton, Brad Fletcher (Pastor), Bill Harvey (elder Emeritus), Mal Lawson, Glen Millar, Howard Morgan, Geoff Reed, and Barry Sims.

committee of management (COM)

This committee is a group of church members regularly elected by the Church to manage the finances and property of the church. These lovely people help to ensure the facilities are well looked after, and that our physical resources are used wisely to support our various ministries and care for those in need, as we pursue the Mission and Vision of our Church together. Our current committee members are Barry Aston, Al Baigrie, Sharyn Bellamy (Secretary), Mark Fry (Treasurer), Evan Penny, Chris Smith, and Michael Young.

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